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    Details and Facts about the Tenterfield Fox Whistle.

The whistle is manufactured from zincalume, comes in a range of colours complete with lanyard and a brochure which provides instructions on how to blow the whistle.

    The Tenterfield Fox Whistle, when blown, emits a squeal very similar to the sound made by a rabbit in distress; but with a little practice it can produce a variety of distress calls which adds immensely to its versatility. In calm conditions the whistle can be heard over one kilometre away, but it can also be blown very softly.

   Listen to the range of sounds the whistle can make by pressing the buttons below.
These sounds are in mp3 format and file sizes range from 60k to 250k.

    sound 1 sound 1    sound 2 sound 2    sound 3 sound 3    sound 4 sound 4
    sound 5 sound 5    sound 6 sound 6    sound 7 sound 7    sound 8 sound 8
    sound 9 sound 9    sound 10 sound 10  sound 11 sound 11