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    John Cooper's concern for the environment, its many small creatures, birds, mammals and reptiles, along with the problems foxes, feral cats and dogs create for farmers, graziers and the community generally; and the need in Australia if not the world, for a whistle which has the ability to lure these canine and feline predators, provided the motivating forces which resulted in the development of the Tenterfield Fox Whistle.

Just one of thousands of foxes called up by the Tenterfield Fox Whistle

   John, a native of the small NSW New England town of Tenterfield in Australia, like other bush boys, began shooting at a very early age in the 1940s and soon learned the art of fox whistling using simple home made whistles made from tin plate (mostly discarded jam tin lids).

   Although these early whistles achieved some degree of success they lacked volume and versatility. John believed he could improve on these whistles and he did. With devastating effect - as many fox whistling mates and numerous shooters throughout Australia will readily testify.

John and son Brendan, who has learnt the art of fox whistling from dad.