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  John's Package Deal Currently on Offer

John's 60 odd years of fox whistling has contributed to the creation of the CD, which inexperienced fox whistlers will find, provides them with the basic skills required to master the sport/art of fox whistling.

Feedback from purchasers of the Tenterfield Fox Whistle kits (CD and whistles) indicates a very positive appreciation of the guidance provided by the CD and the ability of the little Tenterfield Fox Whistle to do the job it was designed to do.

Now Available:-

1. Zincalume Kits - AUD$39.95

This buys you an instruction CD a brochure
divided into three main sections:

  1. How to blow your whistle
  2. Hints on fox whistling
  3. Safety

and 2 Tenterfield Fox Whistles with lanyards - extra whistles are available for $12.95 each.

2. Stainless Steel Kits - AUD$35.00

This buys you an instruction CD a brochure
containing the same information as the zincalume brochure and 1 Tenterfield Fox Whistle with a lanyard - additional stainless steel whistles are available for $19.95 each.

3. Whistle purchases only

These are:-

  1. 3 zincalume whistles, brochures, lanyards $40
  2. 2 stainless steel whistles, brochures, lanyards $39.90

NB - Postage and packaging costs within Australia are all inclusive
For overseas orders please add another $10

Orders within Australia
Package Deal:

FREE postage

Orders outside of Australia Package Deal:

ADD $10 for postage
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Wholesale prices are available for Gun Shops and Sports Stores - ring/fax us on 02 6652 2095

How to Order Tenterfield Fox Whistles and CDs

  1. Telephone 02 6652 2095 (+61266522095)
  2. Facsimile as for telephone
  3. Postal Address
    John Cooper
    6 Coombar Close
    Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Methods of Payment within Australia
Payment by cheque or Money Order made out to
John Cooper
is preferred.

Methods of Payment by Overseas customers
A Bank Cheque payable to
John Cooper
in Australian Dollars is preferred.
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