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    Tom Varney
"I believe the Tenterfield Fox Whistle is the whistle of the century"

    Tom is a well known fox whistler who produces videos on fox whistling and other types of hunting sports. He is a man well qualified to make such an assertion.


    For top videos on fox whistling, deer hunting and so on you can contact Tom on 07 5424 1174 His address is 1 Mack Street, Esk, Queensland 4312. Website: www.tomvarneyfoxshooting.com
Email: easistreet@bigpond.com

    Greg Gleeson - Port Fairy Victoria
"It took me a little while to learn to blow the Tenterfield Fox Whistle but once I mastered it I couldn't believe how quickly the foxes responded to it.
 Last Saturday I whistled up four foxes in no time and shot the bloody lot of them!
 It was the most amazing experience I've ever encountered and one which I will never forget."

    Fred Anderson - Yallenderee via Norseman WA
"I shot more foxes last year with the Tenterfield Fox Whistle than in the previous three years put together! No other whistle I've used can match it for foxes and cats."